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Paulina Rivers

Massage Therapist

Yoga Teacher

My name is Paulina Rivers. I am a massage therapist and a yoga teacher. I have started the journey of healing and self-exploration firstly through yoga. I fell in love with the practice over 12 years ago whilst living in London. Soon afterwards I decided to leave city life and moved to Greece to work in a holistic retreat center. I decided to become a Yoga teacher and I travelled to India to study Sivananda Yoga with an Indian master. Since completing my teaching course I practised and taught yoga in various countries around the world. I find inspiration in varied styles of yoga and often mix it in my practice and classes. I am equally passionate about the healing power of touch. I began practising massage over 7 years ago. I embrace different qualities of touch and different types of massages. Touch begins on the physical level, but can go much deeper, crossing the thoughts, feeling and emotions. I practise massage as a meditation and an art form, maintaining a harmonious connection between my hands and my client. Through conscious  touch we can find profound release, reconnection and healing on physical and emotional level. 

One Body Healing was born in Spain, where I lived for the past 5 years. 

Now I am starting a new chapter in Brazil. At the moment I only teach yoga online, but I look forward to finding spaces for yoga and massage here in Brazil.

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